Taylor Swift's new single Gorgeous ready to drop Friday

Fans were also given some keepsakes of the event.

What is most obvious in this new single is the lack of the vengeful and angry Swift that was very apparent and direct in her previous songs.

Writing about a boy is nothing new in Swift's book, and this song is no different.

Swift and King have a tight bond, so much so that the actress and model appointed Swift to be Baby Leo's godmother.

It would sort of make sense: "As you'll likely recall, the "...

Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated model Lily Aldridge is also a member of Swift's legendary squad, so it's plausible that her daughter, Dixie, could be lending her vocal duties to the new track.

Swift released the tune at midnight Friday (Oct. 20) and Swifties took to Twitter to congratulate Swift on the track - or, in other cases, condemn it. The internet has gone frenzy over it as the song indicates about Taylor's intense relationship with someone.

The "Look What You Made Me Do" singer, 27, reblogged a Tumblr post that stated "The little kid saying "Gorgeous" at the beginning I think is my favourite part though Taylor..." To her many fans and some anti-fans' surprise, it showed a hint of the old pop star.

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