SEAP: Linux on Galaxy

SEAP: Linux on Galaxy

Samsung further boasted that DeX is taking strides on the gaming front, allowing some mobile games to be played in full-screen with a large display, again with mouse and keyboard control. But a new development, that's now being trialled, called Linux on Galaxy, "gives smartphones the capability to run multiple operating systems, enabling developers to work with their preferred Linux-based distributions on their mobile devices" according to Samsung. By connecting a mouse and keyboard, you'll be able to use many desktop apps.

"Linux on Galaxy is made even more powerful because it is DeX-enabled, giving developers the ability to create content on a large screen, powered only by their mobile device". The company, with the launch of its flagship Galaxy S8, introduced the new DeX dock.

Unveiled earlier this year, Samsung DeX tool is now compatible with the company's top-of-the-line smartphones including Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and Galaxy Note 8 which offer users an Android-based desktop-like experience. Presumably, this uses a chroot, similar to crouton on Chrome OS and the various root-only Linux installer apps for Android.

There were a few similar concepts, but the first mainstream implementation was Samsung DeX. The signup page says that Linux on Galaxy uses "the same Linux kernel that powers the Android OS", so there's no emulation or virtualization involved.

Since there is no emulation or virtualization, it is very likely that only Linux software compiled for ARM will work with Linux on Galaxy.

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