KFC follows 11 people on Twitter and the reason is mind blowing

Not anyone the Colonel follows on Twitter

It seems 11 is also the magic number of individuals the fast food chain follows on Twitter.

With more than a million Twitter followers, KFC appears extremely picky when it comes to following back.

A Twitter user has noticed that U.S. fast food restaurant chain KFC has a highly selective list of accounts it follows on the micro-blogging service.

Just to be sure this wasn't some internet hoax, we checked it out and lo and behold: KFC only follows the five Spice Girls and six men named Herb.

The answer is in his name - and those of five others on the exclusive list, also named "Herb".

Meanwhile, Business Insider has ID'd "Edge" as Mike Edgette, a social media staffer for a PR firm, and while he's still letting this all sink in-"11 Herbs & Spices".

"The person that runs the KFC account needs a raise", tweeted one user. AKA the secret recipe for KFC chicken.

It was supposedly revealed to the public past year after a nephew of KFC's founder, Colonel Sanders, found a recipe for the mix in an old scrapbook belonging to the Colonel's second wife. A genius marketing play-up on Colonel Sanders' original secret recipe!

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