20th annual breast cancer walk in Harrisburg

Helming: Busting the myths about breast cancer

Several of the agency's employees have had a family member who has been diagnosed with breast or another kind of cancer.

Gail Watson, a 12-year cancer survivor, was one of those leading the way. Erickson says the hardest part about the fight is being constantly exhausted, which is why she says events like the Pink Party are important.

Saturday's mission was about highlighting the unsung heroes, but it wasn't hard to spot a few superheroes in the sea of pink.

Thousands of West Tennesseans dressed in pink and hit the streets today to make strides against breast cancer.

Among those at the walk was radio host and emcee Angela Yee from New York's Power 105.1 which is home her syndicated show, The Breakfast Club.

"Sometimes when you're doing things like this, you think, 'Am I the only one or am I really making a difference?' But when you see everybody coming together, it's attractive to know there are so many people working toward finding a cure", said Anderson.

Organizers projected $15,000 was raised from the event. Breast cancer screening exams can help detect the disease at its earliest stages of development, often resulting in less aggressive treatments and ultimately saving lives.

Noora Ali Al Blooshi, Events Coordinator at SLC, said, "We firmly believe that promoting awareness of the most widespread forms of cancer among women, particularly breast cancer, is a national and social responsibility".

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