Trump offered grieving military father $25k

White House press secretary calls Trump 'Obama'


When asked about the account, White House spokesperson Lindsay Walters refused to comment specifically on Baldridge's story.

President Donald Trump offered the father of a soldier who died in Afghanistan $25,000 from his "personal account" during a phone call he had with him, according to a new report.

Chris Baldridge's son, Corporal Dillon Baldridge, was gunned down by an Afghan police officer in a suspected insider attack June 10. He intimated that previous presidents, Barack Obama specifically, didn't reach out to families as much as he did. The president came under criticism when it took 12 days for him to make a public statement about four U.S. "A lot of them didn't make calls", Mr Trump had said.

"If you look at President Obama and other presidents - majority didn't make calls".

Follow up reporting by a number of outlets show that he hasn't called every family and that when he did, it didn't always go well.

Chris Baldridge, the father of Army Sgt. Dillon Baldrige, who died after gunned down by the Agfhan police officer on June 10, shared to Washington Post that United States president Donald Trump called him and their conversation lasted for 15 minutes.

"He said, 'I'm going to write you a check out of my personal account for $25,000, ' and I was just floored", Chris Baldridge told the Post.

"I wish I had it recorded because the man did say this".

Mr Baldridge, a construction worker, said he also expressed frustration with the military's survivor benefits programme: Cpl Baldridge's ex-wife was listed as his beneficiary, so she would receive the Pentagon's $100,000 death gratuity, even though Mr Baldridge said "I can barely rub two nickels together". But as of yet, Chris Baldridge has only received a condolence letter.

"I opened it up and read it, and I was hoping to see a check in there, to be honest", the father told the Post.

"I think that Gen. Kelly is disgusted by the way that this has been politicized and that the focus has become on the process and not the fact that American lives were lost. But I was like, 'Damn, no check.' Just a letter saying 'I'm sorry, '" he told the Post.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that families of at least two soldiers who died overseas during the Trump presidency have not heard from the president by phone or mail.

It also drew a swift response from Mr Obama's foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes, who said it was "an outrageous and disrespectful lie". "Didn't say it at all", Trump told reporters during a Wednesday meeting on tax reform in the Cabinet Room.

"President Trump did disrespect my son and my daughter and also me and my husband", Ms Jones-Johnson said. "I think he's disgusted and frustrated by that", she said Wednesday.

Trump denied that he said those words.

To further add to the storm, Mr Trump reportedly called the pregnant widow of one of the soldiers killed in Niger, Mr Johnson, and said: "you know, he must've known what he signed up for". Some were pleased to have gotten the call and said that they were touched by his comments.

The family did speak with Vice President Mike Pence, who grew up in the same southern in city, at the ceremony honouring the return of the soldier's remains at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

Sheila Murphy, whose son Army Spc. That is the message from the White House today after the father of a slain US Army sergeant said a generous offer from President Donald Trump had not materialised. "I was telling him I know he's a grandfather".

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