Magician David Blaine 'accused of rape by former model Natasha Prince'

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According to Prince, she has hazy memories of being positioned "face forward" on the bed, with Blaine behind her.

Prince recalled feeling "very stoned" when she finally woke up and was fully conscious. The lights were on, and I was naked. "He was bare-chested, sitting at the end of the bed".

Speaking on the incident some 13 years later, Prince said that it took her a long time to report it to police because she blamed herself, saying "I was ashamed and anxious about everyone knowing".

Blaine has "vehemently denied" the allegations.

Blaine's attorney, Marty Singer, denied the allegations to Variety in a statement.

Famed illusionist David Blaine is reportedly being investigated by police after a former model accused him of raping her at a party 13 years ago.

Once in the apartment, Prince said she didn't really talk to anyone else at the gathering as they were all rapt in conversations. "I didn't think of it as rape". "In my head, the rape was assumed that one is sober". So I blamed myself. I was interested in him. "So I didn't think about going to the police", she told the website. I remember moving around a lot. He invited her to his friend's private home for drinks.

The first was when she was back in NY and she says he called her.

"We pulled up to this mansion - there were electronic gates, and it really intimidated me".

Prince said Blaine handed her the drink, and shortly after that, he assaulted her.

She left the club early to get a good night's rest for work and received a text from Blaine the next day. The night before a photo shoot, she met celebrity magician David Blaine at a nearby nightclub, and he was nice to her. "He sounded very creepy, and it made me feel a bit bullied".

He later handed her a vodka and soda "in a tall crystal glass".

Prince said her personality began to shift after the alleged assault.

She featured in campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Levi's and Diesel jeans and worked for Next and Storm - the modelling agency made famous by Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne - before abruptly quitting the industry aged 24.

She first made the claims public to United States website the Daily Beast, saying: "I think I tried really hard to block it out".

She provided graphic details of the encounter to The Daily Beast. Prince claims he called her name and that she felt "embarrassed" and invited him in.

This would include Natasha Prince.

Prince has also stated that she waited 13 years to report the incident because she thought it was her fault, saying she was "ashamed and anxious".

Prince said that she's been suffering flashbacks of the alleged incident "for years".

"I was very freaked out; he seemed to be checking up on me".

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