Solange Knowles says the hair salon is her 'safe haven'


"To be honest, owning my body this year was really important to me", she told London's Evening Standard.

Solange definitely doesn't seem to want to portray herself in any way other than who she feels she is and who can blame her for this?

On Thursday, the Grammy Award-winning singer posted the original image from the photoshoot, which shows a large crown of braided hair behind her head that was edited out of the final cover. Without using any harsh words, Solange subtly dissed ES with a simple abbreviation "DTMH", which, many assume, stands for Don't Touch My Hair, from her hit number from 2016.

It's not clear why her hair was edited for the cover, but photographer Daria Kobayashi Ritch said she was "saddened that they chose to alter the image by removing such a powerful aspect of it".

But when it came to the cover, the magazine did some editing. "Still need to wake up and do some pinching".

Solange, who has famously embraced her natural hair since 2009, appears on the latest cover of Evening Standard with her blonde hair in thin braids. "Can't believe they did that, so disrespectful", another commented.

But also a screenshot of the part of the story that mentions Solange's affection and appreciation for black hair and braiding.

This is especially ironic considering Knowles openly spoke about the importance of her braids in this magazine's issue.

Then Solange posted more images of Petit-Frére's work on her Instagram story, as a sort of appreciation for her work.

"It is an act of beauty, an act of convenience and an act of tradition - it is its own art form", she shared. Growing up there was pivotal.

The Evening Standard has published full photos of Knowles on its website and Instagram page. 'I got to experience women arriving in one state of mind and leaving in a completely transformed way. "It was about the sisterhood and the storytelling", Knowles said in the interview.

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