Gold Star Family Furious Over Political 'Tug Of War'

Gold Star Family Furious Over Political 'Tug Of War'

"Mr. President, you crossed the line there", Holder said. He turned that into a suggestion that Barack Obama and other presidents rarely or never called the families of the fallen, triggering vehement denials from former Obama aides.

The latest controversy surrounding Trump comes as a result of his initial claims during a press conference on Monday that his predecessor never called the families of US soldiers killed in the line of duty overseas.

After Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson told the Washington Post that she overheard leering uncle and US President Donald Trump tell a woman whose Green Beret husband was killed in Niger this month that he "he knew what he signed up for", Trump has, once again, taken to Twitter to deny the allegations.

"If you look at President Obama and other presidents, majority didn't make calls. She knows it", Trump said.

"I just wanted him to not forget my son", she said. And I understand you've got a tough job. She added, "He might have stumbled over his words and said the wrong thing [on Monday]".

"It doesn't matter if I hear from the White House or not".

In Wednesday's interview, Holder said that as attorney general he had to make condolence calls to families of agents who lost their lives in the line of duty. "I don't know what Bush did, I don't know what Obama did", Trump said.

Many other Gold Star parents also received a letter from the president. She did not receive a letter from the president after that. She said that he only had a 15% approval rating when he left office, and reminded viewers that he was held in contempt of Congress.

Psychotherapist Robi Ludwig says many people make the mistake of saying nothing at all. "They're making this into a contest", said Sarah Roberge.

President Trump has claimed that he alone - not Barack Obama or other past presidents - has called "virtually" all families of US soldiers who have died in service since Trump took office in January.

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