11 reasons why KFC is the best at Twitter

11 reasons why KFC is the best at Twitter

KFC boasts a Twitter following of over 1.22 million people, but when it comes to following back, the fast food giant has only deemed 11 accounts worthy. It's quite unbelievable actually.

That amounts to 11 herbs and spices - a reference, of course, to KFC's top-secret fried chicken recipe.

Lots of free chicken or potentially a free auto - it's up to you KFC Twitter person, but it seems like an easy decision.

While KFC did not respond to @edgette22 on Twitter, the chain provided an emailed statement to PRWeek. "Genius", wrote one Twitter user. It's unclear how long the Twitter account has been following the six men named Herb and the five Spice Girls.

That's right.11 Herbs and Spices on Twitter. "Whoever is in charge of this needs a raise", tweeted another.

There's something very special about those 11 people.

The men have one thing in common - they're all called Herb.

Many have tried to figure out the blend of ingredients.

KFC, who recently reintroduced Colonel Sanders with actor Ray Liotta on their commercials, has been working all of their marketing angles.

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