Kit Harington Believes HBO's Flagship Is Ending At "The Right Time"

Liv Tyler Edward Holcroft and Kit Harington in Gunpowder

The recently-engaged couple, who met on the set of Thrones, attended a "bad taste" Halloween party, and when it came time to pick costumes, Leslie had the ideal one picked out for her know-nothing future husband.

Kit has been a part of the show as King of the North Jon Snow since the very beginning, even weathering his character's hugely talked-about return from the dead in season five.

Well, that's exactly what his financée, Rose Leslie, made him do.

That's right, for a costumed birthday party Harington dressed as the man who knows nothing, and Leslie thought it was a hoot.

First it was the prank story, where he scared his fiancée so badly for April Fool's Day the poor love needed to lie down on the kitchen floor, then it was the accidentally-raunchy proposal story, and now it's another story about them attending a costume party together. "But that's even sadder - me going to a fancy dress shop and buying a Jon Snow costume". Harington must want to start shaving his beard.

"And she pulled out a Jon Snow costume and Rose whispered in my ear, 'I won't love you if you don't wear it... you should do it, '" Harington recalls to Heat Magazine.

Game of Thrones has been running for seven years, and while fans definitely want more (almost everyone hates the hastened pace that brought about the instantaneous traveling), Harington and the other series' stars must be exhausted of the limitations the fantasy epic puts on them.

"There's lot of things you can't do", he added of his commitment to the fantasy series. And it's also kind of sweet that he did it to make Leslie happy. Either way here's hoping he recycles the costume again for Halloween.

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