As #MeToo movement gains momentum, Kolkata police take up responsibility

Men are taking responsibility for their actions and lending their support to the #MeToo movement

The company said that in less than 24 hours, 4.7 million people around the world have engaged in the "Me too" conversation, with more than 12 million posts, comments and reactions.

A "perturbed" Kolkata Police has joined the #metoo social media campaign against sexual harassment of women, by urging them to not just be strong but to also "be very, very angry about the leering, jeering, threats, verbal and physical abuses" they constantly face in nearly every sphere of life.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has rocked the entertainment industry. Ashley Hoshihara Cruz, a Sexual Assault Services Coordinator at the agency said,"I think people are not necessarily surprised when they think about as a whole but they get to see it one out of one, as in you get to actually put a face to the movement". Women seethe while men mansplain and continue to chomp down their dinner with noisy punctuations about how they're right.

In light of the inexcusable alleged actions of Harvey Weinstein, many high-powered individuals have been speaking out about sexual assault. He would allegedly meet the female leads or actors in his movies at parties, seek private time with them and then assault them.

In recent years, efforts against sexual harassment culminated in the enactment of the landmark Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010 but given the cultural barriers that restrict harassment discourse, victims have remained tight-lipped for too long.

Any suggestion to simply listen to what women have to say (that the danger is not always out there in the dark streets) is met with either or all of four emotions from men - confusion ('eh, what is a listen?'), anger ('no, YOU listen!'), amusement ('look at these women trying to be articulate and all') or defence ('but I am not like that').

Some of the earliest criticisms came from men, who felt excluded from Ms Milano's tweet.

But then a few days ago, Alyssa made a decision to talk.

The messages bearing witness began appearing frequently on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on Sunday, when the actress Alyssa Milano posted a screenshot outlining the idea and writing "If you've been sexually harassed or assaulted write "me too" as a reply to this tweet".

The Rape Crisis Center said there is no discrimination and though the #MeToo movement started in Hollywood, it is all over. If that happens, hopefully this man who thrived on holding power over women will start feeling powerless. "We believe them and we were proud of them that they had the courage to speak out". Not that this is something good.

Over the past few days, #MeToo statuses might have featured on your newsfeed one too many times, pushing you out of your comfort zone as you slowly realise just how trashy many men really are. "What is surprising is how people are surprised by the numbers". Or that they shouldn't have. "Their own family & in-laws will blame them instead".

In that context, the #MeToo movement is an astonishing assertion.

What is #MeToo? Two small words - one big meaning - and a force across social media. But then, the question is, how effective will this one be?

"My first experience with sexual harassment was when I was in third grade and I had a boy on the playground that was lifting up my skirt and making a gesture that he wanted to have sex with me", Edenfield said.

"I have just spoken to so many actresses and writers, particularly women, who have had similar experiences and many of them have bravely gone public with their stories", she said. This, only time will say.

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