Xbox One Fall 2017 Update launching for everyone

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A lot of this is geared towards the launch of the Xbox One X, which is now just a few weeks away from hitting shelves - and will launch with this new UI.

Microsoft has released the Xbox #One Fall #Update on October 16 with cool new features.

The Xbox One Home screen can now be completely customised, enabling you to add favourite games, friends, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass links in new "call blocks".

Moving games from console to the new Xbox One X console could be a chore, but Microsoft is ready. A new Tournaments section in the Multiplayer tab also offers a "quick portal" to official and community tournaments you've joined. You can also now use up to 40 pins to further collect the bits and pieces you want to get to fast.

The updated Home Screen now will show you things like friend activities, Looking For Group messages, leaderboards, and more. Microsoft is now offering three theme options, specifically dark, light, and high-contrast. There is also a new kind of notification that lets players know if their friends are playing the same game. The Game Hub Welcome tab was also redesigned with new feature that gives a summary of a game's great content.

Microsoft has rolled out their Spring update to their consoles, which is notable for one big reason: A new, new Dashboard. During the setup process for the Xbox One X, uses can connect their drive to the new console and bring all of their content over at once. Either way, it's much faster than downloading games from the Store.

The built-in GameDVR will now be able to capture up to 4K/HDR screenshots and game clips on Xbox One X, and you'll be able to capture content directly to an external hard drive.

The Broadcast & Capture tab in Guide is also now more deeply integrated with Mixer. The Xbox One has now gone through three iterations of making their dashboard and general UI not feel like its losing a race to a bunch of snails, and the more streamlined third attempt is the best crack at it yet. You can back up your settings, games, and apps to an external drive, or transfer them over the network to your Xbox One X when it arrives.

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