Witcher Developer: Cyberpunk 2077 'Is Progressing as Planned'


"We'd normally avoid commenting on company reviews on spaces like Glassdoor", said the statement, attributed to studio head Adam Badowski and co-founder Marcin Iwiński, "but this time around - especially in light of the fact that we haven't communicated anything about Cyberpunk 2077 for a long time and saw some gamers getting anxious about the project - we'd like to elaborate on a few things". They also point out that the loss of a single employee, "even a high-profile one", is not enough to jeopardize the development of Cyberpunk 2077. According to the letter, the process of creating games requires an effort to "reinvent the wheel", and the company goes on to state that they will continue to drive to reinventing the wheel "every friggin' time" in order to make a better game. "We believe reinventing the wheel every friggin" time is what makes a better game.

Rumours first began circling about things not being "quite right" at CD Projekt Red back in late September. One former employee who worked with the studio as a software engineer said CD Projekt Red has a "really toxic" atmosphere with "unexperienced" management, and that "all good people are leaving the company sooner or later".

The developer admits that, of course, people leave. CD Projekt asks. "One would need to be very courageous to base the future of an AAA role-playing game of such scope on one person (or a few people)".

The apparent lack of staff morale among those who've left and some who remain at the company apparently comes down to how the company has expanded in size, along with how uncompromising the company is in its vision, co-founder Marcin Iwinski and studio head Adam Badowski said in the statement. If you make games with a "close enough is good enough' attitude, you end up in a comfort zone".

Most video game studios' Glassdoor reviews are full of negativity and it can be hard to sort out fact from fiction. "You have to learn how to adapt if priorities are changing (and it happens from time to time) - it's not a walk in the park".

As always, many thanks for being so engaged in what we do. The company now hold a 3.1 out of 5 star rating, with 57% of reviewers saying they would Recommend working there to a friend, and now 58% Approving of the CEO/ Studio Head Adam Badowski. The two reference the negative Glassdoor reviews-which mention low pay and long hours-but they don't address any of the specific criticisms.

The concern here is that CD Projekt Red's response to allegations of a hectic, crunch-like workplace is that it's "not for everyone".

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