Street Fighter V Season 2: Capcom Reveals a New Character

Street Fighter V Season 2: Capcom Reveals a New Character

This means that he is the hardest character to learn because you basically need to get used to two move sets, but once mastered, he presents the opponent with the unique challenge of facing two entirely different styles in the same match. If you beat the game with Guy, Zeku appears and congratulates his pupil, reminding him that a "fighting style is not something handed down, but something created". Zeku's defining feature is his ability to roll back the years and fight as his younger self. Zeku will be available on October 24.

Of the second wave DLC characters released so far, only Akuma has seen a decent amount of play in the Capcom Pro Tour.

Street Fighter V is now out on PS4 and PC, and the Arcade Edition is set to launch on January 16, 2018.

Kolin, Ed, Abigail, and most recently Menat, all made their debut in the game's fifth installment.

Capcom announced that Zeku is Street Fighter V's next and final DLC character for this season. Capcom notes that the latter "has reappeared looking to start his own ninja group and find a new fighting style". A trailer that showcases the new fighter was also shared together with a short description of his background.

It's interesting to see what Zeku has to offer in the hands of a capable player.

"Zeku performs a special technique that transforms him to his younger self, completely changing his move set".

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