Japan, US agree to seek diplomatic solution to Korean Peninsula tensions

Japan, US agree to seek diplomatic solution to Korean Peninsula tensions

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, on Sunday, said that the diplomatic efforts aimed at resolving the North Korean crisis "will continue untill the first bomb drops". -South Korea naval drills that began on October 16 (which North Korea calls a preamble to a US -led invasion) or during President Trump's visit to Asia in November.

What's more, North Korea is unlikely to be able to hit the continental United States with nuclear weapons.

The caution was contained in a copy of North Korean Deputy U.N. Ambassador Kim In Ryong's prepared remarks for a discussion on nuclear weapons by a U.N. General Assembly committee. It's been almost a quarter century of the same diplomatic policies under three different presidential administrations with very few results other than passing off the North Korea nuclear problem to their successor. Kim made it clear that all the moves actioned by the United States are to remove North Korea's supreme leader, Kim Jong-un.

"We hope that this diplomatic approach will be successful in the end", Nauert said, while adding of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: "He's got to be the most optimistic guy in the USA government".

It comes the US Navy started military drills near the Korean Peninsula with its aircraft carrier strike group and nuclear-powered submarine yesterday.

Britain's Foreign Secretary said that North Korea's nuclear program should be halted by diplomacy. The U.S. must be prepared to defend itself and its allies, he said. Kim's speech follows increasingly tough United Nations sanctions.

The European Union has announced new sanctions against the country after it emerged they'd been developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

Taiwan's Central News Agency said last week that hackers had sought to steal some $60 million from the Far Eastern Bank, but it had recovered all but $500,000. "That's part of the reason why the regime still has some financial latitude, despite worldwide sanctions", Lee said.

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