Family dog found tail wagging after wine country inferno

Izzy the dog

Clint, 68, and Kathy Weaver, 62, were forced to flee their property in Santa Rosa after they awoke in the middle of the night to a wall of flames.

"Izzy!" Jack Weaver calls out as he whistles and claps in the hopes of getting the dog's attention.

In the video, later shared by Beckyjean Widen, Weaver's sister, both men are seen walking up the road to the house.

He then screamed out in relief when catching a glimpse of her: 'Izzy's here!

"We didn't expect to see her", Weaver said in an interview that aired on "Good Morning America" Sunday.

Jack's mom, Katherine Weaver, had been convinced that the dog died in the wine-country wildfire, which has killed at least 40 people, destroyed 200,000 acres of land and displaced at least 100,000 people.

"There's so much smoke I can't show you the view", he said in the video. A local vet believes that the dog's thick coat of fur helped protect her from the intense heat that was virtually all around her.

"She's such a courageous dog, she was panting a lot and clearly stressed but she was not frantic or anything". "But she was not frantic or anything". "She went from being devastated about losing her home to the being the happiest person I've ever seen".

For Weaver, his first priority was telling his mother that Izzy survived.

According to a Facebook post written by Widen, her parents struggled to get their panicked Bernese Mountain Dog Izzy before having to escape.

At Sonoma County Animal Services, veterinarians and assistants are providing care for 64 cats and 44 dogs, nearly all of them brought in from areas affected by fires, the AP reported.

"The severity is often awful", said Dr. Katie McKenzie, the lead veterinarian. Kitty's paws were burned, but she is expected to make a full recovery. Or if they aren't, they come off in the days following. But out of this pain comes goodness - and the internet is good for that too.

Caretakers will change the bandages every 48 hours for as long as six to eight weeks, she said. Twenty-five animals have been reunited with their owners, said Monica Argenti, a spokeswoman for the shelter, which is run by the county.

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