Cow runs free in Brooklyn

Police and emergency crews are trying to wrangle a cow that somehow made it to Brooklyn

But that's exactly what's happening what went down in Brooklyn earlier today.

The bull escaped on Fourth Avenue near 16th Street in Park Slope and hoofed it to the Prospect Expressway and then south toward Prospect Park, police sources said. It had been spotted running around streets and sidewalks not too long before noon, when it entered the park.

A helicopter cam from ABC caught the cow as dozens of New Yorkers flocked to a fence near the animal.

The New York Daily News reported Tuesday that the loose cow escaped from a slaughterhouse. Live streams were set up; Brooklyn Cow Watch 2017 is officially a national pastime.

But eventually the bull was cornered on a soccer field, tranquilized, and captured.

There might be some type of cow-spiracy going on, because evidently, this isn't the first bovine to hit the road in NYC. The animal drew a crowd of curious onlookers and quickly stirred up a social media frenzy for the "Prospect Park Cow". "Raccoons, yes; cows, no", one resident said.

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