Trump jokes about Pence hostility to gays

I MEANT TO DO THAT Trump hustled back to the desk where the executive order and a pen had been waiting for him the whole time

Pence, who was raised a Catholic but later became an evangelical Christian with his wife Karen, is often the butt of Trump's jokes.

When they started discussing LGBT rights, the New Yorker reported that Trump joked, "Don't ask that guy-he wants to hang them all!"

In once instance, where Trump and Pence met with a legal scholar, the president "belittled" Pence over his desire to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court case that essentially makes it legal for women to have abortions.

"'You see?" Trump asked Pence. A staff member from Trump's campaign recalls him mocking Pence's religiosity.

Confirmed by two sources, Trump said that Pence wants all LGBT people dead.

As Indiana governor, Pence drew national controversy in 2015 for his support of a "religious freedom" bill that gay rights advocates said would legalize discrimination against LGBT citizens.

The difference between Trump's presidency and Obama's is so stark that they are basically opposites. A billionaire himself, Trump made a point of saying he didn't need to accept donations from anyone else.

Bottom line: Trump knows that Pence is a right-wing Christian extremist with a faith based hatred for LGBT people, and he thinks it's amusing.

It's something those aware of Pence's extremely conservative views have always been wary of, and it's been further explored in a New Yorker column by Jane Mayer. After the election, Pence also tossed months of work and research Christie's team did on Cabinet staffing and started over from scratch.

The statement by Trump, which was intended as a joke, goes too far, but Pence's stance on gays, lesbians, and other non-straight individuals is perceptibly farther to the right than Trump himself - and what mainstream America now finds as accepting.

"Trump thinks Pence is great", former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told the magazine.

Pence also signed a bill in 2016 that placed new restrictions on abortion providers and made in the only state requiring a burial or cremation of fetal remains from an abortion.

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