OnePlus To Be More Transparent About OxygenOS Data Collection Following Backlash

OnePlus To Be More Transparent About OxygenOS Data Collection Following Backlash

But if now machines OnePlus refer to China, evil Chinese numbers from your contacts list, MAC address and similar information in the near future OnePlus will be limited only to technical information, and even a Wi-Fi network it will supposedly be of no concern.

Pei's post only seems to address the collection of analytical.

It was also mentioned that OnePlus users can already opt-out of data collection, however this option is enabled by default and is never made clear to users that it can be turned off in the settings menu. Users may prefer to know that their data is not being collected at all, but for now that option appears to be limited to the same command-line tools as it was before.

We'd like to emphasize that at no point have we shared this information with outside parties. The good news is OnePlus promised that by the end of October, all its smartphones running OxygenOS will be added a prompt in the setup wizard which will ask users if they want to join the company's user experience program. In addition, we will include a terms of service agreement that further explains our analytics collection.

OnePlus once again found itself in hot water earlier this week after an eagle-eyed developer, Chris Moore, discovered that his OnePlus smartphone was uploading a raft of information back to the company. OnePlus has been questioned for its analytics data before too so this was a step backwards in the matter for the company.

Last week it emerged that OnePlus has been secretly gathering a huge amount of data from handsets, revealing a wealth of personally identifiable information about their users. We appreciate your patience and feedback. It is unclear whether or not opting out of the user experience program will also prevent OnePlus from collecting personal data such as telephone numbers.

OnePlus responded to these reports by ensuring users that the data was kept secure and private and insisted that it was only collected in order to aid in customer service.

Starting immediately, we'll be studying this subject on a more systematic level and are committed to continue improving in this regard.

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