Bomb Kills Pakistani Troops Seeking Captors of Freed Western Family

Pakistan       by Haider Ali Sindhu | Published

Ms Coleman was pregnant at the time and had four children in captivity.

Visibly angry, Boyle told reporters the network had ordered the killing of their baby-a fourth child, whose existence had not previously been known-as retaliation for his refusal to accept an offer from them.

The family was freed on Wednesday by Pakistani troops acting on USA intelligence.

Boyle said Coleman was the obvious focus of the kidnappers during the first few weeks of captivity, seeing him as secondary.

"God willing, this litany of stupidity will be the epitaph of the Haqqani network", he said.

He said their daughter had been examined by doctors Friday, and that hospital staff were "enthusiastically insistent that her chances seemed miraculously high based on a quick physical".

Mr Boyle said from his parents' home in Smiths Falls, Ontario, that full medical exams were being arranged for him and his family.

Boyle said his wife was raped and one of their children was killed during their time in captivity.


Coleman, who is from Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, sat in the aisle of the business-class cabin wearing a tan-colored headscarf.

She nodded wordlessly as she confirmed her identity to an AP reporter on board.

In remarks emailed to CBC, he said the children-boys aged four and two, and a girl just four months old-were starting to adapt to new surroundings after their harrowing ordeal. "Today, we join the Boyle family in rejoicing over the long-awaited return to Canada of their loved ones", a foreign ministry statement said.

The handwritten statement that Boyle gave the AP expressed disagreement with USA foreign policy.

He nodded to one of the State Department officials and said, "Their interests are not my interests". "To try to regain some portion of the childhood that they have lost".

"When it became clear that there were bullets ripping into the vehicle we assumed this to be very bad ... but by the grace of God, no, it turns out it was the best thing to happen to us in five years", he said. He said the couple traveled to the war-torn country to assist "the most neglected minority group in the world - those ordinary villagers who live deep inside Taliban-controlled Afghanistan where no non-government organization, no aid worker and no government has ever successfully been able to bring the necessary help".

Donald Trump said that United States "is beginning to develop better relationship with Pakistan and its leadership". He said his priority now was to protect his family.

The foreign minister said that the US President had acknowledged Pakistan's efforts to curb terrorism and appreciated its willingness to collaborate with his administration.

According to USA media, Boyle might face questioning in the United States for allegedly having contacts with a former Guantanamo Bay inmate, Omar Khadr. Boyle was active in the campaign to win Khadr's release from Guantanamo and his transfer to Canada in 2012, where he was freed on bail in 2015.

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