Trumps UK state visit may be downgraded to working trip

Donald Trump and Theresa May

President Trump was expected to embark on a full state visit in early 2018 after Prime Minister Theresa May officially invited the U.S. leader shortly after his victory in November 2016. The president could still meet the Queen on the request of prime minister Theresa May. He was not aware of any other discussions on a separate working visit, Reuters reports.

Rather than "a red-carpet event to showcase the special relationship" between the two countries, the visit is likely to form part of a tour of several European capitals by the United States president, said the newspaper, which is edited by May's former cabinet colleague, George Osborne.

The first real clue that the planned State Visit would not be going ahead in 2017 came in the Queen's Speech in June. He was reportedly keen to stay at Buckingham Palace, have a carriage ride down The Mall, and have a round of golf at Balmoral.

Maz Saleem from the Stand Up To Trump campaign said, "Theresa May should be ashamed of herself for allowing this to happen-he should not be given a visit at all".

Bercow said parliament would not be willing to welcome Trump due to "our opposition to racism and to sexism".

Her Majesty usually lists all formal visits for the coming year, but pointedly did not include the US President's trip.

Under plans being discussed by diplomats, the president would make a stripped-down trip that would not involve staying with the Queen, the London Evening Standard reported.

London mayor Sadiq Khan - who has clashed with Mr Trump on Twitter - said he "would not object" to a working visit.

Over the summer The Guardian reported that Trump told May in a phone call he wanted to put the trip on hold until the British public supported it.

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