Taylor Swift surprises fan at home - and her reaction is adorable

Taylor Swift

Lara undoubtedly will enjoy sharing the experience on the upcoming "Swift Life" app, due out by the end of the year. She uses her social media channels to interact with fans, re-blogs their posts and leave replies to comments in a Swift-sweet style.

Taylor Swift has become the latest star to develop her own mobile app. But it appears to be her own mini-social network, a messaging app that looks like a mash-up between Instagram and a fan forum.

"Hey guys, it's Taylor, I've got something pretty awesome we've been working on for a while that I wanted to share with you", said Swift in a video preview of the app. Her friend recorded her reaction, which included her tearily saying "I have to say thank you for everything, you've actually made my life so much better". 'I mean-I hope. It would be preferable if you did'. Apart from that, "The Swift Life" application is reportedly giving the fans her personal updates that will include her newest pictures and videos from time to time. We're talking about a businessperson who incentivized merch sales by pairing them with Ticketmaster "boosts" for #VerifiedFans, but we're also talking about a musician who already spends what must be hours per day watching her fans' Instagram Stories and engaging with their Tumblr posts. On Wednesday (October 11), the pop star went to Lara's house for a surprise visit that left the adorable fan thoroughly shook. "She plays around with new sounds each album cycle, but this one in particular stands out".

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