Italian woman granted paid time off to look after her sick dog

Жительнице Италии дали оплачиваемый отпуск по уходу за собакой

An Italian woman has been granted paid sick leave for days she took off to look after her dog, following a landmark court battle.

The dog had surgery in February to remove a tumour from her breast, and separate treatment in May for laryngeal paralysis.

The woman asked the University about the two-day paid leave, however, she was asked to motivate your request because the earlier leave was not granted due to care for the animals.

La Sapienza University confirmed the woman is an employee but declined to comment further.

They cited an allowance for absences that can be categorized as "serious or family personal reasons", The Guardian writes.

The lawyer of the Italian pointed to the rule that refusal to care for the animals is seen as cruelty to animals.

LAV president Gianluca Felicetti says in a statement that anyone who obtains a veterinarian's certificate should enjoy the same benefit, citing Cucciola's case as precedent.

She adopted 12-year-old Cucciola, after finding her abandoned in a park in Rome.

"This case reflects a shift in public opinion and understanding of animal rights", a spokeswoman for LAV told CNN.

Cucciola is said to be recovering well with her owner by her side.

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