Industry reacts to Clean Growth Strategy

Industry reacts to Clean Growth Strategy

RenewableUK, which speaks for the wind and marine renewables industries, welcomed the strategy and the commitment to the development of a Sector Deal for offshore wind, but said that "what's missing is clarity on how the lowest-cost technology, onshore wind, can deliver for United Kingdom consumers".

However, the Aldersgate Group, an alliance of leaders from business and politics who are pushing for a sustainable economy, said the clean growth strategy sets the UK's economy on a competitive path.

Claire Perry, Minister of State for Climate Change and Industry, said that the project is a "key collaboration" between government and industry to "help industry make the low carbon transition while also maintaining its competitiveness".

BEAMA released a statement confirming its support for the strategy, saying: "Compared to what has seemed to be a bit of a wasteland for new ideas in energy and buildings policy, the Clean Growth Strategy contains some exciting and ambitious plans for "cleaning up" our energy system, transport and buildings in the coming decades".

Notably, the strategy confirms that the government will "publish a new Resources and Waste Strategy to make the United Kingdom a world leader in terms of competitiveness, resource productivity and resource efficiency".

Work towards no food waste entering landfill by 2030.

The Clean Growth Strategy has been welcomed by leading figures and organisations across the environment sector, with those in the waste and resources industry drawing particular succor from its publication.

"In addition, the suggestion that materials should be managed in relation to their environmental impact opens the door to smarter targets in the future".

The auction had also resulted in securing more than 3GW of renewable electricity to power up to 3.6 million homes.

This strategy sets out the government's proposals for decarbonising the United Kingdom economy through the 2020s, explaining "how the whole country can benefit from low carbon opportunities, while meeting national and worldwide commitments to tackle climate change".

Around £505m of the total funding will be used to support the commercialization of advanced clean energy technologies and processes.

ADBA will be launching a Best Practice Scheme later this year to ensure high standards in AD operations.

A full copy of the Clean Growth Strategy can be downloaded from the BEIS website.

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