FDA Has a Problem With Bakery's Use of 'Love'

"Your Nashoba Granola label lists ingredient "Love, '" the FDA pointed out in its letter to the bakery".

"Your Nashoba Granola label lists ingredient "Love, '" reads the letter, which is posted on the FDA's website". And the only caveat is that we will ask for consideration where they might let us add love as a listed ingredient back into the granola label.

The Latest on a MA bakery that has been told by the government to remove "love" from its list of granola ingredients.

The FDA said the bakery's use of "love" was not its primary concern, noting some of Nashoba Brook's items were prepared, packed, or held under "insanitary conditions".

An FDA spokesman pointed out that the "love" warning was just one violation of several included in the agency's letter to the bakery.

According to Bloomberg, the bakery sells it goods in about 120 stores, mostly in MA and New Hampshire.

Owners of a Concord-based bakery and cafe think all you need is love to make a product taste great - plus a few other key ingredients for flavor, of course.

It said the bigger violations had been sanitary issues. But he also said the company has gotten a positive reaction from people since news of the letter began to circulate. It remains to be seen if the company will continue to list "love" as an ingredient in the future. "It makes it something that people can smile at".

Federal officials say a MA bakery had several violations other than its listing of "love" as an ingredient in its granola.

Gates reportedly says the government telling you not to list "Love" as an ingredient because it might be deceptive "just feels so silly".

Bakery co-owner and chief baker Stuart Witt said the company has been open almost 20 years and has been selling granola almost that long.

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