Andromeda heading to Origin Access

Mass Effect: Andromeda, Dead Space 3, New Play First Trials Coming Soon to EA Access

If you were patient enough to hold off on Mass Effect Andromeda at launch, then that may pay off for you now.

Aside from Mass Effect, Dead Space 3 is also heading to the Access Vault, capping off the complete trilogy. You'll be able to do all of this - as well as play every other game now available to Access members - as long as you're spending the $5 a month.

Andromeda was roundly condemned and mocked on its release, partly because of its numerous bugs and freakish facial animations. While we weren't completely blown away by Andromeda when we reviewed it, developer BioWare has rolled out numerous patches over the last several months improving the more serious technical issues we encountered. Subscribers get access to "The Vault", which contains a wide range of single-player and multiplayer games, as well as "Play First Trials". EA Access members should be very happy to hear that two new games are coming to the EA Access vault, in addition to some play first trials.

All of the above will be opened from October to December 2017. Bring together a team of colorful characters, discover new worlds and unravel the ultimate secret at the heart of this odd new system. Craft unique rides, escape the heat in epic police chases, and go head-to-head with other racers on- or off-road - all before launch for a full 10 hours. Lastly, the Xbox One version of The Sims 4 will have an early trial either before or on its release date. No matter how you feel about EA, those are games worth playing for just $5.

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