Android is Getting the Microsoft Edge Browser and Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android

There's also an InPrivate mode for private browsing, Reading View, a Reading List, and more features that are also available for the Edge browser on Windows 10 machines. Edge doesn't have the benefits of widespread PC usage or deep integration in a mobile OS, so there might not be much space for it on smartphones. Their "continue-on-PC" functionality works with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The browsers have been developed to address a gap in the current Edge experience: with Windows Mobile all but unused, using Edge is a strictly PC-only experience. Based on Fluent design, the launcher offers customization, features a tailored feed, gesture support, and, of course, Continue on PC.

More than a year ago, when Microsoft launched Windows 10 operating system, it pegged Microsoft Edge web browser as an exclusive and highlight feature of Windows 10. The announcement post makes it seem like the Microsoft Launcher being in the Play Store is new, but as you can see, it has already amassed 5 to 10 million downloads and it received an update back in September. It's something Microsoft has been experimenting with recently, and "continue on PC" is also a big part of the new Edge browser for iOS and Android. Android users, meanwhile, will have to wait; Microsoft says a preview version of Edge on Android will be available "soon". You can not trick Microsoft as they would check the Windows 10 version by opening Edge on PC.

The iOS Edge app preview is available today for iPhones. It's also catching up in terms of browser plug-ins.

Microsoft has announced a new version of the Edge browser is coming to iOS and Android.

Microsoft Launcher is now in the testing phase as well, so if you're curious and want to check it out, go through this link.

Now, if only Microsoft would bring it to macOS as well. As of today, Arrow is graduating into Microsoft Launcher. They provide a user interface that looks quite Edge-like, and they sync with your Microsoft Account, but they don't use the Edge rendering engine from the PC.

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