11-year-old Utah girl learns her adoption is final

11-year-old Utah girl learns her adoption is final

The moment when 11-year old Tannah Butterfield learned she would be adopted.

'She just kept holding me tight, she kept holding me tighter and tighter, ' Alexander said to CBS News.

Tannah's friend Miss Jackie Alexander, an office manager at Tannah's school, called her to the office to give her the news she had waited years for.

'In 12 years at this job, this is by far my best moment ever, ' Alexander wrote. "To tell a little girl that she gets her family forever takes the cake", Alexander wrote on an Instagram post of the video.

"Although I knew she would be happy to hear the news, I didn't expect her to react the way she did".

'A dear family I know has been fighting for as long as I can keep in mind to adopt three of their foster children that attend our school, ' Alexander shared in an Instagram post. "It was like 'ah!' It was like screaming".

A security camera captured Tannah's reaction, and the video was uploaded to social media.

"I don't think even I could understand myself what that moment would feel like. We did the right thing", said Jennifer Fisher.

Since being shared on October 3, the video has collected lots of lovely reactions.

"There's a lot going on in the world and there's a lot of sadness that we see, but you know what? There's joy that happens every day", Alexander said.

The girl, Tannah, hopes people watch this and remember that if you wish for something long enough - it may just come true.

What's more, Alexander says she simply continued embracing her young companion.

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