While Netflix Raises Prices, Hulu Discounts Subscriptions For the First Year

Hulu Drops Price of Entry-Level Plan to $5.99 Monthly for Limited Time

The move comes, coincidentally, as Netflix last week raised prices on its standard plan (to $10.99 per month) and the premium four-stream plan (to $13.99 per month) in the U.S. The Netflix "basic" one-stream, non-HD plan remains unchanged at $7.99.

The limited-time promotional offer is available to new and returning customers, and only locks in the $5.99 price for the first year.

That might be Hulu's hope, at least, as the company has quietly shifted to offering its least expensive streaming plan in an attempt to bring in new subscribers and keep existing ones.

As Netflix starts asking its subscribers to dig a little deeper into their pockets for their monthly subs, rival streaming outfit Hulu is cutting the cost for newcomers to its service. Hulu also has an advantage in that it has a next-day episode streaming of several current shows.

Netflix has the most subscribers of any USA streaming service. They will have to pay $7.99 a month thereafter.

A Hulu rep said the company's new promo is meant to draft off the fall 2017 TV season, and has nothing to do with the recent Netflix pricing actions.

The website also states that those wishing to take advantage of this deal must sign-up by January 9, 2018. That term is not defined on the company's offer page, but it likely means that you can't cancel now and immediately get the cheaper price.

Hulu has been investing heavily in recent times in a bid to build out its service to take on both Netflix and Amazon.

It's more likely that Hulu going cheaper will help it add customers and entice more people to subscribe to multiple services than it will hurt Netflix.

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