Toddler left in corn maze, family didn't notice until next morning

Corn maze file

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, employees at the Crazy Corn Maze said a woman noticed an unsupervised child in the maze around 7:30 p.m. Monday night.

A 3-year-old boy was reunited with his parents Tuesday morning after his parents left him at a corn maze overnight.

He says the boy was cold and frightened but unhurt when someone else found him at the maze Monday evening. Many people are questioning how the missing child could have went unnoticed for so long by his mother.

"The staff at the corn maze started announcing that a child had been found". The mother failed to notice her son was missing until the next morning.

An off-duty police officer let the boy watch a movie on a laptop in her patrol vehicle while staff members walked through the maze with a bullhorn trying to find the parents. Finally, an officer took him to the Child and Family Service, where the boy spent the night.

Children often get lost at the maze, she said, so when the child was found, "we weren't in panic mode right away".

Criminal charges could be brought in the case, police said, according to the Post.

"Sounds like this is a dwelling with multiple families and a lot of children living in the same home", Sgt. Monson told KUTV.

"One time we had some kids that were like twelve and their parents dropped them off and they met their friends there at the corn maze and then they refused to come and pick them up. These are all questions [investigators] want to ask". The mother told officers that when the gathering returned home they put on a motion picture and she snoozed off.

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