Tim Cook Believes AR to be Integral to Fashion and Shopping

Tim Cook Believes AR to be Integral to Fashion and Shopping

But this hasn't stopped speculation in recent months centering on the idea of Apple building a new AR product - specifically, a pair of augmented reality glasses, similar to Google Glass, but made into a commercial success.

Macron's office said the two didn't discuss past tax disputes, but Cook accepted that fiscal laws worldwide are shifting toward making companies pay tax where money is actually earned. In an interview with The Independent, Cook said that now "the technology itself doesn't exist" to make augmented reality glasses "in a quality way".

Coding, says Apple CEO Tim Cook, is the best foreign language that a student in any country can learn. In an interview about the Apple Macintosh in 1994, Steve Jobs shared an anecdote, "Picasso had a saying".

Apple's acquisitions and patents suggest it is exploring ways to overcome the challenges of creating a better augmented reality headset, but Cook suggests an actual product is a while off. And Cook hopes 15 million iOS app developers is a big enough base to find some who might work on ARKit to generate new apps that use the platform.

Fashion shows are particularly ripe for AR intervention, he said: "If you think about a runway show in the fashion world, that's a great application of AR because some of these, you want to see the dress all the way around, you do not want to just see the front".

In an interview with the British newspaper The Independent, Cook compared the arrival of ARKit to when the App Store first arrived in 2008. He added that any type of head-mounted AR device that could make it to market "any time soon" wouldn't be something that anyone in Apple's camp "would be satisfied with". "Over time, I think [these features] will be as key as having a website", Cook said.

"There was the initial round of apps and people looked at them and said, 'this is not anything, mobile apps are not going to take off", said Cook. And then, step by step, things start to move. "Now you couldn't imagine your life without apps", he said. Users are now more than ever dependent on apps for their needs like health monitoring, shopping and for a ride back home.

Cook boasted that unlike Apple, its rivals don't enjoy the combination of control over hardware and software that ties back into the App Store. "It will be that dramatic". Microsoft created the term "mixed reality", which stands for a combination of AR and VR. Watch AR help fix a slot machine in Las Vegas.

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