THOR: RAGNAROK is the first of Hulk's Three Movie Arc

Marvel Comics

In fact, Thor: Ragnarok may gain some thunder if these numbers from The Hollywood Reporter turn out to be true. The film itself will open on 27th October across the UK.

One character that will have a huge role in the third Thor movie is Mark Ruffalo's Hulk, and the actor revealed that there is tons in store for the big green alter ego of Bruce Banner in three upcoming movies, the other two being the new Avengers movies.

If the predictions are correct, Ragnarok, the 17th Marvel Cinematic Universe film, will open ahead of the first Thor ($65.7 million) and the bad Thor: The Dark World ($85.7 million).

We've been looking forward to Thor: Ragnarok for a while and it's looking to be one of the best superhero hero movies ever with its wonderful team consisting of talents like Tessa Thompson, Cate Blanchett, Anthony Hopkins, Jeff Goldblum, and too many more to name. Idris Elba and Anthony Hopkins also star. Combined, the films have grossed $12.6 billion at the global box office. Do these numbers seem on point or maybe a little low given the great response to the trailers and the screenings?

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote Marvel's last film of the year, Thor: Ragnarok, Hemsworth playfully joked about joining the rival comic book studio's, saying that he had an audition with Warner Bros. right after the show. But first he must survive a deadly gladiatorial contest that pits him against his former ally and fellow Avenger- the Incredible Hulk!

Marvel Studios and Disney's Thor: Ragnarok is tracking to open to a thunderous $90 million-$100 million in its North American debut over the November 3-5 weekend.

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