Super Mario Mario Warms up to his Odyssey with Dance Act

Super Mario Mario Warms up to his Odyssey with Dance Act

Super Mario Odyssey has a theme song befitting a new-age musical, don't you think? Only 20 games so far have managed to achieve this feat so Super Mario Odyssey getting this score is an accomplishment in itself.

The song has been a key component of Nintendo's marketing material ever since the platform holder unveiled the game back in January earlier this year at its Switch preview presentation, but now the song, "Jump Up, Super Star" has been remade in live action.

The video features a dancing Mario and Cappy with real-life dancers and players in the streets of New Donk City.

We now know what Mario has been up to since he quit being a plumber - dance lessons. Again, Mario is grinning from ear to ear as he jaunts across the land, running into friend after friend.

Mario has transformed into another dinosaur in the new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey.

Aside from the Broadway stuff, we also see plenty of gameplay and the number of enemies Mario can possess with his hat. The story here is that Princess Daisy is the mayor of New Donk City, and moonlights as a singer, giving Mario a little serenade during his adventure in New Donk City. The trailer takes place in the New Donk City Festival, which probably won't happen in-game but should.

Super Mario Odyssey releases n Nintendo Switch October 27.

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