Respawn Entertainment Teaming With Oculus For New Game

Sean Hollister  CNET

However, Facebook is looking to give us a third option with the $US199 Oculus Go.

Zuckerberg promised the Oculus Go will be "the most accessible VR experience ever", and help realize his new goal of having 1 billion people dwelling in virtual reality at some point in the future.

It certainly makes the sheer cost of investing in high-end VR a lot more palatable to the wallet, but Facebook has yet to confirm whether this price slash will make to either the United Kingdom or Australian markets.

"We have a lot more work to do as we build the next generation of standalone VR technology, and we look forward to sharing more updates on these products soon", Oculus said.

Despite the lower price, the Go has a higher resolution display than the Rift. Think about it. How likely are you to try VR social media when you know you have to put your phone in a headset or hook it up to a powerful PC?

The Oculus Go does away with the need for any external hardware, packing all the brains into the headset itself.

If the Go is the self-contained version of the Gear VR, then another project in development, codenamed Santa Cruz, is the Rift's standalone equivalent. Similarly, the motion trackers in Oculus Go will probably be fewer and less precise than what you can get in an Oculus Rift.

It's compatible with mobile apps and content produced for Samsung Gear VR, the smartphone that's optimized for Oculus.

I have a feeling that consumers will be pleasantly surprised by the Oculus Go experience. The same Constellation tracking seen on Oculus Touch controllers is in place, and while they won't be tracked when behind the player due to the HMD-mounted cameras, the volume in which they can be tracked remains impressive.

While Sony's VR headsets work with PS 4 consoles, competing gear requires computers that can handle the demand of processing rich, immersive graphics in real time. That's a massive price drop from just previous year, when you would have ended up paying $599 for the Rift headset alone and $199 for the Touch controllers.

On the bright side, if the Go ultimately proves too limiting, the fully featured Oculus Rift is now just $399. This makes the device more of a Gear VR alternative than anything. Instead, Oculus said that "the best" of the platform would be coming to Go on launch day.

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