Razer Teases "Biggest Unveiling" for November 1, Could be a Phone

Razer Phone by bit

Razer is relatively unknown outside the gaming community, but the launch of a smartphone could help the company in creating new fans.

When we hear about Razer, we usually think of its sleek line of high-end gaming laptops and gaming accessories.

There have been many theories on what will Razer unveil, including a smartphone, as the most realistic one, a smartwatch, tablet or any other device. Then, a tweet made by Tim Moss, the head of Razer's mobile division, saw Moss and Tan standing together.

According to the teaser on the company's website, the product will be launched on November 1, with a tagline that reads "Watch for our biggest unveiling". Now, the company has finally teased what looks like the phone's official announcement date: November 1.

Razer's CEO didn't mention the word "smartphone", the size of the device shown in the teaser kind of confirms that it will be a smartphone. However, with Nextbit under its wing, Razer could end up making something quite unique. Once again, it remains to be seen if Razer's smartphone will be oriented towards gamers and whether it will attempt to fix some of these core issues.

If you're into gaming, you'd probably know a thing or two about Razer. It's assumed a new mobile device would tackle those issues, tapping into Nextbit's expertise with phones. We will be knowing more information about the involvement of the Nextbit team in developing the Razer Phone on the launch day.

There's also a more likely possibility of the phone being able to stream PC games, like the PlayStation Vita can with PS4 games using its Remote Play feature.

The cult favourite had earlier this year acquired Nextbit, maker of the crowdfunded Android smartphone Robin. 9to5Mac speculates that because this is Razer, a portion of the phone will probably be flanked by customizable LEDs.

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