Officer Plans To Appeal Firing In Nurse Arrest

Utah policeman fired for arrest of nurse who was doing her job

The Utah police officer, who aggressively arrested a nurse for refusing to break the law in July, has been fired from his job. The incident went viral after body cam video emerged of the altercation, sparking a conversation about the officers unnecessary use of force and nurse and patient's rights.

During an internal investigation in September, the police department concluded that both Payne and his watch commander, Lt. James Tracey, disregarded the department's arrest and officer conduct policies when Payne handcuffed Wubbels.

Dramatic body cam footage of the August 13 shooting shows Salt Lake Police Officer Clinton Fox yelling, "I'll (expletive) shoot you" before firing his gun at 50-year-old Patrick Harmon from behind. In light of the investigation, the department chose to fire Payne, while his commander was demoted back to officer.

The video shows Mr. Payne accusing the nurse of interfering with a criminal case.

Porter said she and her client would make a decision about potential legal action by the end of the month.

Wubbels says without the body camera footage as proof of the incident, it may have only been a he-said-she-said story.

The patient wasn't suspected of wrongdoing.

Payne nevertheless insisted on the blood draw, saying the evidence would protect the man. Salt Lake City police apologized and changed their policies.

Nurse Alex Wubbels told the Tribune that she's just glad the encounter was captured on bodycam footage and emphasized the need for police bodycams throughout Utah because they aid in officer accountability.

Payne was also fired from a part-time job as a paramedic after he was caught on camera saying he'd take transient patients to the University of Utah hospital where Wubbels worked and transport "good patients" elsewhere.

His tenure also brought commendations for solving burglary cases and being shot in the shoulder during a traffic stop in 1998.

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