Nintendo made a delightful live-action music video starring Super Mario

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"Jump Up, Super Star!" is the swing-inspired theme song to the upcoming Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Odyssey that promises to be a 3D platform game focused on exploration. And yes, it's a goofy send-up of the game's New Donk City level, which features human characters alongside the diminutive heroic plumber.

The trailer doesn't have much as far as new content goes, save for some new controllable cap things, but jeez does it say a lot about Super Mario Odyssey's tone.

There's some new gameplay of Mario riding a scooter around the city, too, showing how some of the new open world is playing a part in Super Mario Odyssey, rather than the more linear paths the series has typically had.

"We also thought that it would affect some users' desire to play because, while users who are good at the game would rarely see the (game over) screen that comes up when Mario runs out of lives, inexperienced users would probably end up seeing it frequently". Again, Mario is grinning from ear to ear as he jaunts across the land, running into friend after friend. Hopefully, we get to live out the glorious New Donk City Festival featured in the trailer when the full game releases later this year.

Super Mario Odyssey releases for Nintendo Switch on October 27th alongside a brand new hardware bundle, which includes a digital download copy of the game and Mario-themed red Joy-Cons.

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