Nintendo Hints at Game Boy Classic With Trademark Filing

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition is a miniature version of the original Super Nintendo with 21 built-in games. It costs $80 and became available on September 29

Released in 1989, the Game Boy was Nintendo's sole portable platform until the release of the Game Boy Color nine years a later.

Japanese launch sales numbers are in for the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom, and Nintendo has unsurprisingly sold quite a few of the retro consoles in its home country. The NES Classic Edition sold about 196,000 units in its entire first month on sale in North America. But what comes after that?

The line outside a Best Buy on Sixth Avenue in New York City on September 29. These customers were lined up to have a chance to buy the SNES Classic

According to the account, on September 15 Nintendo filed a trademark application that included an image of what's unmistakably a Game Boy, even if the name of Nintendo's first portable system doesn't actually appear in the image. The document reportedly shows "video game system or program" among the trademark categories applied for.

The rapidly-developing SNES Classic hacking scene has already gotten to the point where owners of the system can add new stuff relatively easily. It's also worth noting that the Game Boy will turn 30 in 2019, which could mean Nintendo is preparing to celebrate with a release of a classic special edition for fans. When the firm brought out a new NES Classic Edition a year ago, it didn't take long for a Japanese hacker to introduce the ability to add more games. There were 1,049 games released for the handheld, so Nintendo shouldn't have any trouble choosing a couple of dozen. The trademark does not specifically reference a "Game Boy Classic Edition" or offer up any real details, but there is no mistaking the rendered image for anything but a Game Boy system of some sort. We also can't forget the first Pokemon games, Dr. Mario, Kirby's Dream land, Link's Awakening, Donkey Kong, Golf, and Metroid.

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