Neville reportedly gone from WWE

The Wrestling Observer website is also reporting about the rumors surrounding Neville. Either Neville is going to get back to work, or we're about to be hit with one of those infamous posts announcing the two have parted ways. WWE has since denied that the talented high-flyer from Newcastle, England has quit the company.

His last match was a 10/1 live event in Casper, WY in a match against Enzo Amore and he had been wrestling Amore at several recent live events before last week. The original plans for the Lumberjack main event had Neville losing to WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore but plans changed and Kalisto ended up defeating Enzo for the title.

Neville's last appearance on television was during the segment where Kalisto joined the cruiserweight division on Raw last week. Plans for the show had called for Amore vs. Neville in a non-title match before they were changed.

Neville's departure could also be similar to when Austin Aries left the company a few months ago. As noted last night, WWE has confirmed that Enzo will get his rematch for the title at TLC.

Stay tuned for more details...

This ATROCITY is not on the NEVILLE LEVEL.

This is really all we know for right now, but certainly, more will come out about this in the coming days here.

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