Microsoft Edge Browser works on Android e-Readers

Microsoft says Edge for Android and iOS will sync all bookmarks, favorites, history and reading list between your device and Windows 10 PC.

"Edge iOS: right now we require users to be Windows Insiders with a recent RS3 [Redstone 3] build", Belfiore wrote.

The cross platform Edge support could be handy, but there's a major problem for Microsoft: Barely anyone actually uses the browser on their PCs anyway. Pressing on the new tab icon will show you a plus icon for a new tab, a preview of everything you now have open, along with options to close all or switch to InPrivate mode. If you, however, already use Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 everyday, the browser will work perfectly on your iPhone. Microsoft updated that project, changed its name and will now offer it to Windows Insiders to preview on their Windows 10 PCs. The wait will even be much longer for those who have Android tablets as those won't be supported when the preview rolls in. The company now wants whoever is still left on Microsoft's browsers. Now the browser is in beta stage and available for preview version to developers.

You can join the Microsoft Launcher Preview here. It's also catching up in terms of browser plug-ins.

So in other words, Microsoft's Edge on iOS uses the Apple-championed WebKit, and Google's Blink on Android, to render pages. Arrow Launcher has high marks in the Play Store and we rated it one of the better launchers available previous year.

Microsoft Edge is available on iOS through Apple TestFlight, and beginning today, Android users can sign up to test Edge on mobile when it launches in preview.

While iPhones don't let you customize what happens when you push on the home button, Android devices include launchers that dictate the homescreen experience. Microsoft took that approach to "deliver the best possible security, accessibility, battery life, interactivity", plus "pure raw performance" on those platforms, he added. Documents and photos has a "continue on PC" option that will open them up on a computer, making it easier to start working on the phone and then resume on a computer.

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