Kindle Oasis - First Kindle with IPX8 Water Proofing

Kindle Oasis - First Kindle with IPX8 Water Proofing

There's loads more details on the spec of the new Kindle here.

It also has an aluminum back which provides it a premium look, the price of the new Oasis starts at $249.

Amazon has four Kindle devices in their e-book lineup: the original Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage and the Oasis. As BuzzFeed notes, "g$3 etting splashed by the ocean at the beach shouldn't be a problem", but there are no guarantees that your Kindle Oasis would survive a dip in the Atlantic.

It's been ten years since Amazon Kindle was first launched. It will also make your device work much better and the Audible feature works on both Bluetooth headphones as well as on speakers. Although Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft's tablets are perfectly capable of storing e-books, Amazon's Kindle has one advantage: it is immune to the glare of the sun, which means that users can use their e-reader under direct sunlight. Just like the previous ones, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity will also be enable in the new kindle.

This new Kindle comes with a 7-inch display and also is the first waterproof model introduced by Amazon.

The water-safe fabric covers are priced at Rs 2,999 and will be available in indigo, charcoal and sandstone colour variants. Apparently though Amazon is not saying how waterproof the Kindle actually is, as it does have an open USB port for charging. In terms of storage capability, the WiFi only model features 8 GB onboard flash storage and the WiFi + 3G models feature massive 32 GB onboard flash storage, which should be enough to keep thousands of e-books right into your device. With the Kindle power adapters now priced at $19.99, it's sort of like getting one for free with the purchase of a waterproof Kindle and leather case. Now, if you're like "Wait, there already was a Kindle Oasis!" you aren't losing your mind.

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