It's Vikas Gupta Vs Hina Khan This Time

SHOCKING Bigg Boss 11 eliminated contestant Zubair Khan files a complaint against Salman Khan

Previously, contestants like Rahul Mahajan, Kushal Tandon, Ali Quli Mirza have also tried to escape from the Bigg Boss house. Vikas blames Hina of switching sides according to her convenience. Hina tells everybody that Vikas was now unhappy that she has become friends with Arshi and few others.

The fight between Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde had been going on since long and the fight still continued in the house.

Shouldering the responsibility of conveying this to her fellow inmates, Hina misunderstands Bigg Boss' direction. Later, Bigg Boss called Vikas to the confession room and questioned him about his unreasonable behaviour. Zubair Khan who has filed a legal complaint against Salman Kha is now evicted from the Bigg Boss 11 house and got hospitalised due to some health issues. No, not with Shilpa Shinde this time. Mehjabee is seen talking about her "son" Luv to Sapna and also about his sexual preferences.

Later, the luxury budget task began. The contestants are given a royal task where Hiten is a King, Shilpa - Arshi are his two queens and rest of the contestants are his royal subjects.

Queen Shilpa's dance was entertaining and Queen Arshi's questions surely tickled our amusing bone. However, it was really sad for Hiten who lost his captaincy candidature after he couldn't recognize Arshi as the bad queen.

They kept telling him to clean the floor, but Vikas paid no heed. However, Hiten himself remain unbiased and gives equal opportunities to Arshi and Shilpa's team.

The task also had a part where one team was asked to make a castle and the other had to keep breaking the castle. Will she ever stop?

As one could expect, what followed was an intense arguement between Sapna and Arshi. Arshi and Shilpa had to win Hiten's heart and he was given the power to choose the victor at the end of the task. Shilpa, as usual, kept poking Vikas by singing songs, this irked Vikas to such an extent that he started throwing eggs on the floor. The drama sees no end in the house, while romance blossoms in corners with Bandini and Puneesh.

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