Hurricane Ophelia 2017 could bring hurricane conditions to Ireland next week

Hurricane Ophelia 2017 could bring hurricane conditions to Ireland next week

Way out in the middle of the Atlantic, it's unlikely it will be a threat to US, although it could possibly be a threat to Ireland, the National Hurricane Center said.

However, the worst of the winds are expected to hit the West coast, reaching 150kph and potentially 160kph in the extreme West coast, by Monday night. Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 25 miles from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 70 miles.

A stronger Hurricane Ophelia continued tracking northeastward on Thursday morning, far from the U.S.

Hurricane Ophelia continues to slowly drift to the northeast over the northeastern Atlantic.

This could bring high winds, blinding rain, and some storm surge to the western coast of Ireland, with wind and rain reaching portions of the United Kingdom into Tuesday.

He added: "It's definitely something that we are keeping an eye on, for the possibility of some disruptive weather early next week".

A STORM hurtling towards Scotland across the Atlantic has been upgraded to a hurricane, prompting concern among Brits.

The Met Office has placed a severe "yellow" weather warning on the Highlands, the Western Isles, Strathclyde, Dumfries, Galloway, Lothian and the Borders for Monday from 8am until midnight.

No other tropical system exists at this time.

"It is important to stress that this track is likely to change and people should pay attention to further updates in subsequent days", she said.

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