Google Kills Google Home Mini's Top Touch Functionality

Google Home Mini completely loses top touch function

This means that the only way to trigger the Assistant on these devices, as well as play/pause/stop alarms, is through voice. The good news is that the problem was caught early on before it was actually released.

"If you're still having issues, please feel free to contact Google Support at 1-855-971-9121 to get a replacement Google Home Mini".

Artem Russakovskii discovered the Home Mini was "inadvertently spying on me 24/7 due to a hardware flaw".

Google has chose to "permanently remove" the feature that led to a "small number" of Home Mini units accidentally recording thousands of times a day, instead of just when a user triggers it. Current Home Mini customers would be right to be bummed out, or annoyed, or nauseated. The end goal is to bring smarter homes to all audiences, with a more affordable package to expand the Assistant user base. Odds are, if you do your research, you will find some search results about the secret-recording issue. Now, you'll have to do so by saying "Hey Google" or "OK Google", which is fine. On the Mini, this can be done by holding one's finger down on the top of the device.

After a few days, he found that the Google Home Mini given to him was carrying out thousands of uninitiated recordings, not just when the top of the device was touched or when he said "Hey Google".

As before, the device's ability to start listening when you say "Hey Google" or "Okay Google" remains in place.

And that's the real issue: This fiasco has the potential to follow Google, as well as its Home efforts, down the line.

Speaking at the event Isabelle Olsson, a senior industrial designer for Google, said: 'It's small enough to be placed anywhere in the home.

In a statement to Tom's Guide, a Google spokesperson said that the company takes "user privacy and product quality concerns very seriously", and wants to ensure anyone who uses the disc-like smart home device has "complete peace of mind".

Unless Google manages this crisis carefully, this worry about constant recording - again, a trust issue - could spill into other Google products.

Last week, Google showed off its next-generation smart speakers at an event in San Francisco.

This swift response from Google is a positive step, particularly considering the multitudes of privacy concerns arising from IoT devices and assisted-home products that have been surfacing as of late.

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