Game Boy Classic Could Be Nintendo's Next Throwback

The SNES Mini isn't much bigger than two original SNES cartridges stacked on top of each other

For those who remember playing with their Game Boy, Nintendo might have them in the future. Nintendo shrank down the size of the machine but cleverly left the controllers untouched, resulting in exact replicas that afford the same feel we experienced decades ago.

With the path that Nintendo has been taking in the recent years, the reemergence of the handheld gaming console is an indicator. The Game Boy Color supported up to 56 colors and had a see-through look.

According to, the trademark application that was tweeted out by a Japanese trademark bot was filed on September 15 and is for "the first Game Boy", first released in 1989. The document reportedly shows "video game system or program" among the trademark categories applied for.

There's also a possibility that Nintendo is planning on releasing a new entry in its series of classic consoles: The Game Boy Classic Edition. It's also worth noting that the Game Boy will turn 30 in 2019, which could mean Nintendo is preparing to celebrate with a release of a classic special edition for fans.

You may still be waiting on a line outside of a store for a SNES Classic, but Nintendo could already be cooking up its next system full of nostalgia. The NES Classic Edition sold about 196,000 units in its entire first month on sale in North America. If the application does turn out to be for a new mini system, though, a look back shows that Nintendo filed the associated trademark applications for the Super NES Classic Edition in April of past year, ahead of a late September release, which would suggest that a Game Boy Classic Edition would be coming sometime next spring. The gadget was originally released in 1996.

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