Fox, Warner Bros., Sony, & Universal Join Disney's Movie Anywhere Service

Movies Everywhere

Unlike "Disney Movies Anywhere", which only supported Disney movies, this new service allows users to access movies not only from Disney but also from other major studios such as Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal and Warner Bros.

By downloading the Movies Anywhere app and linking to Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes and/or Vudu accounts, all eligible titles purchased from the digital retail stores are added to the Movies Anywhere library.

In contrast to "Disney Movies Anywhere" service, the normal Movies Anywhere does not restrict movies from Disney Studios only.

"It's simplicity", said Movies Anywhere manager Karin Gilford during a presentation, via Variety.

"It's simplicity. It's ease of use". UltraViolet was one of the first digital lockers services in the world, but has faced criticism from many who have used it. It's going to be unbelievable.

However, this new service has an initial library of over 7,300 movies, thanks to the cooperation of various studios, as well as featuring previews and film extras.

Paramount Pictures, which owns such franchises as Star Trek and Transformers, are not included. Although only available in the United States, travelers can access it internationally, and movies can be downloaded for offline viewing. That reliability comes from Disney's KeyChest technology, which creates a sort of digital locker for all of your purchases outside of the traditional retail outlets. "There's that sort of aha moment that happens when all of the titles that you bought from one of our five studios on any of our four digital retailers all come together". Signing into one account gives you access to digital copies of Ghostbusters (2016) and Ice Age, and a second signup adds Big Hero 6, Jason Bourne and The Lego Movie.

Gilford further promises that Movies Anywhere is going to be "amazing", making it easier for you to build up and manage your digital movie collection. Titles will be streamed - but they can be downloaded for offline viewing. Answer: nope. However, up until recently, it had been pretty hard to get our hands on our latest Disney fix, because we'd either have to buy the DVD (and who really does that any more?) or hope that Netflix or your cable provider were feeling nice that month. "We may share information collected from or about you with carefully selected companies, including advertisers, content licensors, distributors, and other companies that are not affiliated with us", the policy reads. Though before you get too psyched, know that they're not 5 free movies of your choice.

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