Dow Jones runs fake news story about Google buying Apple

Larry Page

The Dow Jones Newswires have Google CEO Larry Page having "secret talks" with Jobs in 2010 to strike the deal, which supposedly was announced when Jobs' will was read in Cupertino, Calif.

Here's how the story was published by Dow Jones.

Google is not buying Apple.

The reason behind this deal actually taking place is the cherry on top as it says that the late Steve Jobs had suggested Google buying Apple in his will. Anyone who took the time to read any of the fake stories can obviously see that they're fake, but Apple stock blipped a couple of dollars higher suddenly at the moment of their release. The headlines start with "Google to Apple for $9 billion".

More than the fake news, fake cover-ups will now dominate the mushroomed news arena, despite Google's reluctance.

The brief story beneath the headline made it clear that something had gone awry at the news service, a trusted source for the trading and investment industries.

A red-faced Dow Jones asserted the calamity was due to a "technical error".

In a shocking incident, Dow Jon's Newswire sent several fake headlines on Tuesday.

The news though - that Google was buying Apple for $9 billion - was put out by the very well-respected Dow Jones newswire. "Google employees said, 'Yay'".

The statement came out erroneously during a technical test, as per Dow Jones Chief Executive William Lewis, reported BBC. "All of those headlines are being removed from the wires", Severinghaus said in the statement. "We apologize for the error".

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