Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba to open Israel R&D center

Alibaba Group’s Chief Technology Officer Jeff Zhang will be the head of the Academy

On Wednesday, Alibaba announced that they will be launching the Alibaba "Damo" academy in 5 countries - namely China, Russia, Singapore, Israel and the United States - and are now opening hiring for 100 researchers to work on artificial intelligence, fintech and quantum computing. Moreover, it will employ 100 researchers to recruit staff into those labs.

Zhang stated: "The Alibaba DAMO Academy will be at the forefront of developing next-generation technology that will spur the growth of Alibaba and our partners". For the academy to be a success, Ma said it will need to outlast Alibaba, solve the problems of the future and, independent of Alibaba, use its own profits to help the group grow to the size of the world's fifth-largest economy by 2036. "Within those areas, you'll see a focus on such real-world applications as machine learning, network security, visual computing, natural language processing, among others".

The research programme will be headed by Alibaba's Chief Technology Officer, Jeff Zhan, and has been named DAMO Academy, or the Academy for Discovery, Adventure, Momentum and Outlook.

They include Prof Jeannette Wing, director of the Data Science Institute at Columbia University, Prof Avi Widgerson of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and Prof Ru Huang, dean of the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science at Peking University.

China's leading e-commerce company, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., is set to launch a US$15 billion drive to construct overseas research centers as the uber-rich firm tries to match up with the global leaders in the field of logistics, cloud technology, and e-commerce. The company's aim is to discover advance technologies that will offer great efficiency, network security and ecosystem synergy for users and businesses, according to MR Zhang.

"Over the past 18 years, we have developed a robust technology infrastructure that supports the rapid growth of our business". With special talent recruited for the objective across several labs spread around the world, including at home in China and in countries like the United States, Singapore, Russia and Israel. With our global expansion, we have grown and refined our technology manifold.

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