Apple is leaving an Augmented Reality window of opportunity for Microsoft

Even if Apple won't venture into a full-blown product anytime soon, Cook is still pretty amped up about AR.

Despite the emergence of AR headgear, Apple CEO Tim Cook told the Independent newspaper that the "technology itself doesn't exist" to build AR headsets and glasses in a "quality way".

The problem is that, "The field of view, the quality of the display itself, it's not there yet", said Cook in his recent interview, stating that, "The company wouldn't embark on such a release if it couldn't uphold that quality".

Speaking to The Independent during a visit to the UK, Cook said he expects apps like Ikea's to change shopping "entirely" by augmenting the experience. Does Apple care about the competition or being first with a product? In an interview about the Apple Macintosh in 1994, Steve Jobs shared an anecdote, "Picasso had a saying".

Cook - who visited Europe to meet with France's president and open an entrepreneurship lab at Oxford - talked to Vogue about the intersection of fashion and augmented reality. Launching AR on iOS first also brings the technology to scores of developers already invested in the ecosystem, ensuring there's enough content to make ARKit worthwhile.

There are quite a few ARKit supporting apps on the App Store. Cook believes his company is providing a sort of garden for growing great AR ideas. He added that any type of head-mounted AR device that could make it to market "any time soon" wouldn't be something that anyone in Apple's camp "would be satisfied with". He said that earlier, people were wary that apps won't find mainstream adoption but today there is a robust app economy. And then, step by step, things start to move.

Cook boasted that unlike Apple, its rivals don't enjoy the combination of control over hardware and software that ties back into the App Store. "If you think about companies that offer a fair number of shoes, and [if a customer] sees a shoe and goes I want that one, you just want to point and [buy]". "Now you couldn't imagine your life without apps", he said. "Your health is on an app, your financials, your shopping, your news, your entertainment - it's everything".

"AR is like that".

Augmented reality and virtual reality have a strong future in the enterprise. Microsoft created the term "mixed reality", which stands for a combination of AR and VR.

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