Andromeda is going to become a part of the subscription Access

Mass Effect Andromeda added to EA Access

Dead Space 3's arrival, meanwhile, is notable largely because it means that the entire Dead Space trilogy is finally available on-demand, giving you the flawless opportunity to witness the series' disappointing decline, from sterling horror to bland action, first-hand.

Access member games can now look forwards to a couple of months in which EA will release free games for Xbox One (EA Access) and PC (Origin Access).

Many new video games are coming to both EA and Origin Access very soon.

Mass Effect: Andromeda - You're the Pathfinder, the leader of a squad of explorers, and it's your job to find a home for humanity in the alien Andromeda Galaxy. It is unknown the exact date and what the content will include. Many of these issues have been fixed to varying degrees, but those amendments came well after weak sales which have reportedly resulted in changes to developer Bioware and the franchise's future.

Andromeda was roundly condemned and mocked on its release, partly because of its numerous bugs and freakish facial animations.

Upcoming new releases Star Wars Battlefront II and Need For Speed: Payback will get pre-release trial versions for EA Access members. Both probes will become available before the official release, and Need for Speed: Payback will be possible to ski up to 10 hours. Dead Space 3 will also be added, but only for EA Access. The majority of the library consists of older titles such as Crysis 3 and The Sims 4, as well as indie games and "Play First" trials.

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